What members get

Plotgate Community Farm only produces food for its members. In addition to veg, members have access to a range of other goods that we produce on a very small scale from our fruit trees and bushes, sheep, pigs and chickens.

We aim to look after our members, and offer them access to the food, the farm and the fun!

Membership includes:

  • An invitation to all our events and activities
  • A reduction on fees for charged activities e.g. holly wreath making, tree pruning, wool craft workshops etc. The programme varies from year to year and is often subject to members requests.
  • A reduction on feast tickets e.g. Sunday Plot Roasts, pizza evenings etc.
  • Volunteering opportunities (we provide all volunteers with some take home veggies)
  • Learning opportunities- attend more structured sessions aimed at increasing your skills and knowledge with plant raising and food growing.
  • Open access to the farm on volunteer days (Mondays, Fridays and Saturday morning)
  • Shetland lamb: We have a small flock of Shetland sheep which produce fine meat and wool. These are only offered to Plotgate members.
  • Shetland wool is also available to members as raw fleeces or as processed “rovings” suitable for spinning and felting.
  • Plotgate pork: This is either sold as pork boxes or as individual packs. All of our meat is reared on a small-scale and is only available to members.

Membership types

Plotgate Community Farm is a co-operative of its members…

Veg share members – if you are a subscribing veg customer, then your membership fee and benefits are included in your subscription. Weekly or fortnightly, large or small, you are a Plotgate Community Farm member. Your subscriptions give us the continuity of income that we need to plan out veg growing each year.

Volunteer members – our highly-valued team of regular volunteers provide us with a weekly of fortnightly work commitment. Volunteer members control 25% of voting on issues put before the membership. Fancy mucking in?

Supporter members – Individuals can also join the farm as supporters for an annual membership fee of…

  • £12 a year, unwaged
  • £24 a year, waged

Our 3 growers and 60+ investors are also members of the co-operative